Best Andis Hair Clippers 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Andis hair clippers for men

 Best Andis Hair Clippers

Over the years, a handful of brands have emerged at the forefront of the hair clipper industry. These brands have managed to distinguish themselves from the competition with consistency, innovation and overall value.

While there are several brands that stand out, the Andis company is most certainly one of the most recognized. Andis O M Manufacturing was established in Racine, Wisconsin around 1920.

From that point on, the company has emerged as a leader in the industry and its products are widely praised by critics and consumers alike.Within this comprehensive guide, consumers will learn a great deal about Andis and its most cherished product

Despite the few potential flaws, it is safe to say that Andis is still one of the best hair clipper manufacturers in the world. The company consistently delivers high-quality products and extensive warranties. Below, you will discover some of the best offerings from the company.

Andis Professional Clipper and Trimmer 

Andis Professional Clipper and Trimmer Combo Set

Those looking for a great hair clipper, which is convenient and easy to use, should look no further than the Andis Professional Clipper.

It may be a little costlier than some of the alternatives, but it is truly well worth the extra cost. The razor is equipped with a 14’ heavy-duty power cord.

This provides the user with a substantial amount of freedom, while ensuring they never have to worry about a dead battery. The product also runs cool, without the need for fans and vents. The clipper also feature a break-resistant housing. This ensures it can withstand a few drops, without being destroyed.

The clipper includes the Ultra Edge size 10 blade, which will deliver a clean cut, without any tugs on your hair. The blade’s chrome finish helps to resist corrosion, so it will last for many years.


Operates very quietly

Plenty of power cord

Never have to worry about recharging

Comes with UltraEdge size 10 blade

Blades are detachable for increased versatility


Power cord is a necessity

Comes with very few accessories

Overall Assessment

All in all, the Andis Professional Animal Clipper is a great investment. It is incredibly reliable, very durable, and vibrates little. Plus, it operates almost silently.

The incredible craftsmanship ensures the clipper will last you and your family for many years to come. That makes it

well worth the price tag.

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Andis Promotor and Clipper and Trimmer 

 Andis Promotor and Clipper and Trimmer Combo Kit

Grooming is a part of everyone’s life. This task can be quite time consuming if the individual does not own the proper tools. The may be exactly what you to perfect your style.

The combo kit includes 27 pieces, including a clipper and trimmer, various combs, scissors, oil, and a cleaning brush. It also includes a handy storage bag, so everyone is neatly tucked away when not in use.

The clipper and trimmer is embedded with a pivot motor, which offers a longer service life than magnetic motors.


Includes a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty

16 combs of various sizes also included

Learning DVD provides a step-by-step directional operation guide

Shears are constructed out of stainless steel materials

Barber cape will keep everything neat and tidy


Blades are not self-sharpening

 Overall Assessment

The Andis Promotor Combo Kit is a great starter product for a beginner. The helpful learning DVD will guide you through each step of the process. It is suitable for trimming beards, sideburns, and necklines. For the price, you cannot beat the Andis, so be sure to keep it on your list of prospects.

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ANDIS Professional Barber Combo CL-66325

Andis Professional Barber Combo

Many consumers will be interested in a razor that has no limitations. This is where the Andis Professional Barber Combo CL-66325 enters the picture.

With this specific product, there is truly nothing you will not be able to achieve. The package includes a 17-ounce clipper and a T-Outliner.

With this combination, the consumer will be able to get a clean cut anywhere on their body or face. Both feature ergonomic designs, so you can guarantee they’ll rest comfortably in the palm of your hand.


Includes clipper and trimmer

Ergonomically designed for added comfort

Plenty of power cord

Has no limitations whatsoever

Works fairly quietly


Can get a little hot

Overall Assessment

It is hard to complain about the Andis Professional Barber Combo. The combination is very affordable, yet it comes with the clipper and the trimmer.

This makes it a great overall value and ensures the user will be able to get the exact cut that they desire. The clippers do get a little hot, but this is a minor blemish.

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Andis Fade Master Hair Clipper

Andis Fade Master With Fade Blade Hair Clipper

If you are shopping for a high-quality clipper and have a little extra money to invest, you should definitely consider the Andis Fade Master.

This clipper has what it takes to perfect your style on a daily basis. The unique external casing gives the clipper eye appeal, plus the adjustable levers and on/off switch are conveniently located on the right-side panel.

The Fade Master is suitable for commercial and personal use, thanks to the onboard magnetic motor, which operates quietly, with more power.


On board magnetic motor for more power and quiet operation

Aluminum housing is lightweight and unbreakable

Lever for making quick and easy clipper blade adjustments

Fade Blade provides a closer shave and tapering

Heavy duty construction


Does not include guards

Overall Assessment 

The Andis Fade Master clipper is a great option for a professional barber or hairstylist. The clipper’s unique design will make them stand out and it will make the perfect addition to your hair cutting kit.

The magnetic motor provides a quieter operation, but remember you must tighten up the blades (screws) before using the first time. Also, the blades must be oiled before each use.

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Brief History Andis Hair clipper Products

As mentioned above, the Andis O M Manufacturing company was created around the year 1920. It was the brainchild of these hair clipper geniuses, including Matthew Andis, Henry Meltzer and John Oster.

Unfortunately, the partnership was short lived. The three went their separate ways approximately a year later and their split led to the formation of three individual companies.

Matthew Andis called his company the Andis Clipper Company. The company was officially incorporated in 1922.

The brand became a national success thanks to Matthew’s decision to incorporate the fractional HP motor into his clippers.At the time, this technology was commonly used in blenders, rotary hand tools and waste disposers.

With that, the company established its place in the history books. Little has changed today other than the fact that the name has been shortened to the Andis Company. The high-quality and dependability that made Andis such a success in the past remains.

An American Marvel

While many hair clipper companies have commuted overseas to decrease their expenses, Andis has remained loyal to its home country.

The company strongly believes in domestic manufacturing and has made a commitment to American workers. The Andis company has helped to create many American jobs and that alone should give consumers more than enough justification to invest in their high-quality, American made products!

Lithium-Ion Technology

As technology has evolved, hair clipper manufacturers have been forced to change with the times. Andis has remained at the forefront of innovation.

In 2011, the company was one of the first to create a handheld hair clipper with the implementation of the lithium-ion battery technology.

The lithium-ion technology is currently the most reliable and also delivers the longest runtime. Therefore, cordless Andis hair clippers tend to have longer runtimes than many of their competitors.

Also, the batteries can be recharged rapidly making them ideal for commercial and home use.

Adjustable Stainless-Steel Blade

When scouring the hair clipper market, consumers will quickly find that that many of these products comes with numerous guides. The guides are used to adjust the amount of hair cut at any given time.

Although this works exceptionally well, it is also slightly inconvenient, since the user will need to constantly stop and switch. The majority of Andis razors come with combs, as well as an adjustable stainless-steel blade.

The combination makes life easier, while also ensuring the user is able to obtain the precise length desired, without much difficulty.

And, the stainless-steel build is sure to last for an eternity

Andis Hair clipper has Long Warranties

When it comes down to it, a company should be willing to stand behind their products. If the company offers a lengthy warranty, you can almost guarantee that the product is built to last.

Andis offers some of the longest warranties in the business. Many of their razors are protected by a 5-year warranty! Less distinguished brands will usually only provide the user with a year of protection.

This speaks volumes and lets the consumer know immediately that Andis builds reliable products that will withstand the test of time.

A True Value

Another thing that makes Andis stand apart from its competitors is the overall value of the company’s products. While some hair clippers will only come with a few combs, Andis goes above and beyond to provide the consumer with extra accessories and maintenance necessities.

Many of the company’s hair clippers will include blade oil, a cleaning comb, hair comb, scissors, and even a handy protective case.

A few even come with an instructional DVD, which provides the user with full instructions for operating and utilizing the device efficiently. Suffice to say, when you purchase an Andis hair clipper, you will receive everything you need and then some.

Near Silent Operation

It should also be noted that many Andis razors utilize a rotary motor. This is perfect for the consumer. The rotary motor is slightly more expensive than the alternatives, but it is by far the best.

The motor is far more reliable and operates much quieter than the others. This is yet another reason that Andis has become one of the most reliable and trusted hair clipper companies in the country.

Paying a little extra for a rotary motor is well worth it and Andis hair clippers are undeniably a good investment.


There is truly a lot to like about Andis hair clippers. They may cost a little more than the others, but they’re a better value overall.

Protected by the longest warranties

Many now use the Lithium-Ion battery technology

Use rotary motors

Adjustable stainless-steel blades

Include an abundance of accessories

Built to last and will definitely withstand the test of time

Andis Hair clipper Is easy to maintain

Many offers wet and dry cutting functionality

Many can be used with or without the cord


Unfortunately, not all Andis clippers are equal. Some utilize older technologies, which may make them slightly inconvenient.

May be more expensive than the alternatives

Some still use NiCad batteries, which has shorter runtimes

Can be a little heavier, due to the rotary motor.

Summary Of Andis Hair Clippers

Although there may be a few lower quality clippers in the portfolio of Andis, most are amazing. They’re high quality, very reliable, nearly silent, and are protected by lengthy warranties.Truly, it is hard to lose with a good Andis clipper. It will serve you well and will do so for an extensive period of time.

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