Best Remington Shavers

For the past 80 years, Remington has produced quality shaving equipment that is affordable and well designed. The company has flourished recently by creating electric shavers that are durable and come with an exciting array of features. Here are reviews of five of the best Remington shavers available to consumers and our choice for the best of the group.

Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver

Featuring the company’s patented Pivot and Flex Foil technology, the Remington F5-5800 is a dynamic electric shaver that stays close to the skin without the worry that you’ll wake up with irritation. The F5-5800’s intercept shaving technology helps pre-trim longer hairs in anticipation of a close finishing shave. This foil shaver can go days without needing your attention because it boasts a whopping 60 minutes of shaving time with each battery charge.

Intercept Shaving Technology

The Intercept Shaving Technology keeps hairs from laying down and ruining a good shave. Two foil enclosures lift and trim longer hairs as the middle blade shaves close to the skin.

Pop-Up Detail Trimmer

The trimmer pops out from the side of the shaver and delivers precision cutting for the sideburns and around the neckline. Also assists in trimming behind the ears and along with other cut lines.

Pivot & Flex Foil Technology

The shaver head of the F5-5800 pivots to maintain constant contact with the face. The flex foil that covers the blades moves with the contours of the skin to lift hair and provide a close shave.


  • Easy maintenance with the F5-5800, all you have to do is rinse the shaver under the faucet and allow it to dry to keep it clean.
  • If the battery is dead, F5-5800 can use AC power cord for instant shaving.
  • Sleek LED battery gauge lets you always know if your shaver needs a recharge.


  • The F5-5800 shaver does not have the numbers of blades that other higher end shaver contain.

Overall Assessment
The F5-5800 works very well for an affordable shaver that provides a close shave with minimal irritation. Although this isn’t a powerful shaver that rivals other high-end electric razors, the 5800 is a quality entry-level shaver, perfect as a travel accessory for the businessman always on the go.

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Remington XR1400 Verso Wet & Dry Men’s Shaver

For men looking for a small wet and dry shaver that brings premium performance to their shave, then the Remington XR1400 Verso is an excellent shaver to consider. With three shavers that sit atop the HyperFlex system, the XR1400 is innovative as well as extremely practical. Ergonomic to fit comfortably in your hand for complete control of your shave, this is a dynamite shaver that will give you absolute freedom.

100% Waterproof Shaver

The XR1400 Verso can work anywhere; whether it be at the sink or in the shower, this shaver works with or without foam.

PrecisionPlus Heads

Covering the blades is the company’s patented PrecisionPlus heads that allow hairs to comfortably fit within the slots and holes for a comfortable shave.

HyperFlex System

Moving with the peaks and valleys of your face, the HyperFlex System assures that the blades will work alongside the stubble for a smooth shave.


  • Small handle, lined with a rubberized grip, makes the XR1400 Verso easy to hold and move around the face.
  • The shaver comes with attachments such as a trimmer and brush to not give you a precise look but also to help deep clean your facial pores for a fresh look.
  • Competely washable for simple maintenance that keeps the shaver performing at a high level.


  • For 45 minutes of charge, you’ll have to wait for over four hours charging.

Overall Assessment

The XR1400 Verso remains one of the best and most affordable wet and dry shavers on the market. With a distinct look and feel, the XR1400 supplies a top-notch shave that excels in comfort and closeness. Great entry-level shaver for those looking to dip their toe in the wet and dry shaver field.

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Remington PR1335 R3000 Series Men’s Electric Razor

If you are seeking a dependable electric razor that has anti-microbial protection on the areas that surround the blade to provide, not only a close shave but a safe one as well, then the R3000 rotary shaver from Remington is inexpensive and high-performing. Fueled by a PowerFlex shaving head that fuels the shaver’s active contours that glide snugly against your beard, the R3000 supplies a frontline power for over 40 minutes on a full battery charge.

PrecisionPlus Heads

Rotary heads on the R3000 have openings in the blade’s covers to continually feed short stubble and longer hairs to the shaver for an even trim

Pop-Up Trimmer

Great for detailing your beard and goatee, the pop-up trimmer on the R3000 does a magnificent job at giving you a clean look

PowerFlex 360 Shaver Head

The multi-blade shaving head has an advanced design that allows for rotation in all directions to assist in preventing that awful red-bump irritation that plagues most shavers.


  • Anti-Microbial shield on the blade covers assures that you won’t have growing bacteria on the shaver head of your electric razor.
  • Extended pivoting on the shaver head keeps the blades close to the skin so you won’t have to repeat shaving the same area again and again.
  • Pop-up trimmer is convenient and does an admirable job at keeping your hairlines trimmed and sharp.


  • A minor hassle on the R3000 is that the battery only provides 40 minutes of battery on a single charge.

Overall Assessment

The R3000 doesn’t have wet and dry capabilities, but it does a great job of keeping itself healthy for you to use with the anti-microbial protection. Full handled for a secure hold, the R3000 has excellent flexibility and a few robust features providing a shave that is quick and efficient.

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Remington PF7300 F3 Comfort Series Foil Shaver

Straight forward without many bells and whistles, the Remington F3 shaver is built for convenience delivering a competent shave that will have you looking strong when you leave the house. With enhanced ergonomics that makes shaving easy on your hand, the F3 shaver comes with Remington’s advanced ConstantContour technology keeping the foils against the skin for a fresh shave. Quiet and smooth, the F3 is a dry shaver that won’t disappoint if all you are looking for is a quick and clean shave.

QuietDrive Advanced Motor

One of Remington’s most quiet motors, they have reduced the vibration by 20% over previous models to provide a less irritating shave.


The two blades of this shaver have the covering of smooth flex foils that move and adjust with the cascading features of your face.

Cordless Use with 40-Minute Runtime Battery

The F3 is portable with a rechargeable battery that holds 40 minutes of shaving time per charge.


  • An inexpensive shaver that works well for users who are looking for a dependable razor that delivers a close shave.
  • Pop-Up Detail Trimmer is smaller than most models, but that works as an advantage because it gets behind the ears for those difficult precision trims.
  • The QuietDrive motor does well at dampening the sound that most shavers make.


  • If you are looking for an advanced shaver that has a ton of features, then the F3 might not be the shaver for you.

Overall Assessment

Powered by a small group of features, the F3 depends on Remington’s ConstantContour technology to furnish a decent shave, and although that might not be enough for some, for the bargain seeker, the F3 isn’t a bad razor. Uncomplicated and straightforward, the F3 shaver isn’t for everyone, but if you are looking for an electric razor that will keep your face clean, then this isn’t a bad model to explore.

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Remington F2-3800L Foil Shaver

Remington’s F2 electric razor is a no-frills shaver that uses two blades to perform its shaving. The rechargeable battery only lasts 30 minutes, so although it won’t stay fresh long before needing a recharge, the F2 does perform with strength. A calm and minimal shaver, the F2 will please those who are looking for an inexpensive travel shaver that will keep your five o’clock shadow at bay for a few days.

Pivot and Flex Technology

The Pivot and Flex technology on the F2 shaver allow each foil to flex on their own so that your shave adjusts to the curvature of your face for a smooth shave.

Pop-Up Detail Trimmer

The trimmer does stay flush against the razor until you activate it with the flip of a button. Trimmer does an admirable job at keeping your neck clean and your sideburns straight.

Stainless Steel Blades

The blades on the F2 are durable, high-quality stainless steel. They stay sharp for an extended period, reducing the shaver’s overall lifetime cost when you factor in how often you usually have to change the blades out for maintenance.


  • The razor stands close to six inches tall for easy handling and movement.
  • The cord can stay in on the F2 making it available to shave at all times.
  • The blades stay sharp longer than most of the standard blades in an entry-level shaver.


  • The battery needs 16 hours of charging time and only deliver 30 minutes of cordless shaving.

Overall Assessment

The F2 shaver does not mess around with many eye-popping features. Instead, it was built to provide a straightforward shave quickly and without much fanfare. The battery does need to have more capacity, but that doesn’t deter from the F2’s primary goal of creating a close shave. Affordable and simple, the F2 shaver is an excellent second shaver that will keep your face looking presentable.

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Our Choice: Best Remington Shaver

When taking into account the qualities of all five shavers on our Best Remington Shavers list, the XR1400 Verso Wet and Dry Shaver stands out as the best remington shaver. Not only is it waterproof, but the small size also helps with storage for travel and isn’t hard on the hands when shaving. With a host of features that will dazzle you, such as the interchangeable brushes and trimmers, the XR1400 can go anywhere from the shower to the sink with a durable battery that powers the terrific electric razor.

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